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Leviticus 8:22 - 8:36
22. He then presented the other ram, the ram for the ordination, and Aaron and his sons laid their hands on its head.
23. Moses slaughtered the ram and took some of its blood and put it on the lobe of Aaron's right ear, on the thumb of his right hand and on the big toe of his right foot.
24. Moses also brought Aaron's sons forward and put some of the blood on the lobes of their right ears, on the thumbs of their right hands and on the big toes of their right feet. Then he sprinkled blood against the altar on all sides.
25. After that, he took the fat, the fat tail, all the fat around the internal organs, the long lobe of the liver, both kidneys and their fat and the right thigh.
26. And from the basket of bread made without yeast, which was before the LORD, he took a cake of bread, and one made with oil, and a wafer; he put these on the fat portions and on the right thigh.
27. He put all these in the hands of Aaron and his sons and waved them before the LORD as a wave offering.
28. Then Moses took them from their hands and burned them on the altar on top of the burnt offering as an ordination offering, a pleasing aroma, an offering made to the LORD by fire.
29. Moses also took the breast, which was his share of the ordination ram, and waved it before the LORD as a wave offering, as the LORD commanded Moses.
30. Then Moses took some of the anointing oil and some of the blood from the altar and sprinkled them on Aaron and his garments and on his sons and their garments. So he consecrated Aaron and his garments and his sons and their garments.
31. Moses then said to Aaron and his sons, "Cook the meat at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting and eat it there with the bread from the basket of ordination offerings, as I commanded, saying, 'Aaron and his sons are to eat it.'
32. Then burn up the rest of the meat and the bread.
33. Do not leave the entrance to the Tent of Meeting for seven days, until the days of your ordination are completed, for your ordination will last seven days.
34. What has been done today was commanded by the LORD to make atonement for you.
35. You must stay at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting day and night for seven days and do what the LORD requires, so you will not die; for that is what I have been commanded."
36. So Aaron and his sons did everything the LORD commanded through Moses.
Consecration (8:22–36)
Moses slaughters another ram for the ordination of the priests and applies the blood to Aaron and his sons. This symbolizes the consecration of their entire bodies to the LORD. The choicest portions of the animal are waved before the LORD and burned on the altar. The priests also receive a portion of the meat and bread to eat, but they must stay at the entrance of the tent of meeting for seven days for the ordination to be complete. Moses makes clear that the consequence of disobedience is death. Like these priests who consecrated their bodies for service to the LORD, we must offer our entire lives to God and serve Him in accordance with His commands.
- What areas of your life do you need to submit to God? What commands do you want to obey more fully?
A Letter to God
Intercede Together

The World
Since February of this year, Christian students from forty European countries have been conducting a 40-week prayer campaign called “Revive Europe.” Their aim is to encourage people all across the continent to pray and fast for each country. Pray that God would hear these prayers and send spiritual revival to Europe.

The Unreached
The Bania are a large trading community that is widely dispersed throughout India. The majority of Bania people are Hindu, and they observe most of the Hindu rituals. Pray that Christian workers in India would reach the Bania with the Gospel, and for the Holy Spirit to give Bania believers a love for God’s Word.
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